About limoss

Innovative drive technology for functional furniture

Functional motion furniture has found its way into nearly all the areas of our lives. We can find furniture for seating, bedding, office or care facilities with functions that improve our living and working conditions. The degree of motorization in these functions has increased steadily over recent years and will increase even more in future. Manufacturers of adjustable furniture need partners who are characterized by their customer proximity and an ability to understand new and individual customer requirements and to supply the demand reliably.

The continuous communication that we have with our customers, the 20 years of Know-How in the field of drive technology and the willingness of our team to perform their utmost, have made of the limoss products the leading brand for innovation and quality.
With production and assembly facilities in Germany, the U.S. and China, we offer our customers the ultimate in dependant and timely supply, as well as a high level of quantity and workmanship.
In the past a furniture manufactu-rer usually relied on several partners in order to add motorized function to the furniture, e.g. one supplier for the mechanism and one for the drive. This often required complicated coordination and unclear allocation of responsibilities.

Now limoss combines experience and skills from the drive technolo-gy sector and the development of innovative mechanism systems under one roof, thus optimising the development of new functions.
This makes limoss the right partner in every sector, a partner with experience and the power to manage even the greatest challenges.

German Quality and Innovation, Made globally

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