MD202 - Power on the next level

Sometimes you need #2beStronger

In order to fullfill the steady market trends we devolped our new double drive MD202.

Larger and stronger than anything previously known on the market, the drive provides a push and pull force up to 10.000 N.

Our double drive is designed for box-spring beds or similar systems where extra stability and strength is required.

The MD202 is available in different versions – either wired, wireless or with the option to install additional modules like emergency lowering or underbed lighting.

Furthermore, the modular design of the MD202 makes it possible to give the finished drive a particularly high degree of flexibility. The control box and the stroke adjustment clips can easily be exchanged, if a different stroke or a different function is required.

The drive unit as well as the matching control boxes and adjustments clips can be ordered separateley. We offer you a variety of possibilities!

Have we made you curious, or do you still have questions? Please get in touch with us!

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