In order to meet the requirements of a modern smart home, with the limoss app,we made it possible to control our limoss actuators with a smartphone or tablet.

The application is easy to use and offers a variety of possibilities, such as customizable button symbolics, the integration of a customer logo, control of special functions like memory positions, operation of the underbed lighting and much more.

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Technical data:

  • The app supports iOS from version 6.0 and Android from version 4.35
  • The limoss control connects wirelessly with the smartphone and disconnects when the app is closed in the background 
  • MC220 supports up to 4 hall actuators
  • MC250, MC308, MC309 supports up to 2 actuators respectively MD200, MD201
  • Supports 2 massage motors or 1 massage motor + 1 underbed light
  • Adjust the control button layout automatically according to how many motors attached after calibration
  • Supports up to 8 memory positions and change icon of your favourite position more suitable

Additional information:

  • Supports limoss bluetooth control MC220
  • Supports limoss bluetooth plug-in MC250, MC308 and MC309
  • Supports wired and wireless hand controls



  • Custom specific app



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