The single actuator MD140 was developed specifically for applications in the leisure furniture sector. The very small distance (from 150 mm) between the mounting points gives it very small installation dimensions that are independent of the stroke length. This makes the actuator ideal for recliners with lift function. It is compatible with all controls and power supplies of the MC-series, as all limoss actuators in the MD1-series.

single drives
  • furniture

Technical data:

Push force

  • to max. 6,500 N


Pull force

  • to max. 6,000 N


Installation length

  • 157 mm / 150 mm



  • max. 600 mm



  • without load up to 50 mm/sec



  • with installation slot 6 mm / cross hole Ø 10 mm


Duty cycle

  • max. 10 %
  • continuous use max. 2 min with subsequent 18 min break


Additional information:

  • DC motor
  • Housing color black RAL 9005 / light grey RAL 7035
  • Aluminium stroke pipe, light anodized
  • Limit switching via microswitch
  • Protection type IP20
  • Protection class III
  • Use as main actuator 1 (L1): socket for hand control, DC cable
  • Use as main actuator 2 (L2): socket for hand control and additional actuator, DC cable
  • Use as additional actuator (L3): DC cable for connection with main actuator 2 (L2), control MC2- or MD2-series
  • Use as main actuator 4 (L4): socket for hand control and additional actuator, control cable to connect with a main actuator 2 (L2). Makes a set of four actuators without an additional control box possible
  • Power supply with SMPS MC1-series



  • Position detection using hall effect sensor or additional switches
  • Electrical brake



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